We’re passionate about great support.

We provide a wide range of support services to all SchemeServe customers.

Help Guide & Knowledgebase

Within SchemeServe itself, there is a rich online Help Guide describing all areas of the product. There are also Tips & Tricks sections and pages written by our thriving user community. The Knowledgebase is community driven, so is very reactive to changes on the software and full of new ideas to try out. You can access the Help Guide Knowledgebase at any time by visiting

Your First Scheme Built for You

When you are adding your first insurance scheme or product to SchemeServe, our integration team will assist you in building any application forms or rating files you require.

Our approach is one of pro-active training. We will step you through the process of creating your scheme whilst supplying links to our help guide for future reference. Any parts of your scheme that we build on your behalf will be fully explained in order that you have the confidence to make any future edits as required. But if you ever need us, we’ll be there.


Most of our customers require little or no training in order to get the most out of SchemeServe but should you desire additional training sessions we can provide one on one sessions by telephone or group sessions via teleconference. In addition, we provide regular group sessions at our main offices in Cambridge UK: just ask your account manager the date of the next session and come along, we’d love to meet you! On site training at your offices is also available on request.

ADM User Support Website

In the unlikely event that your request is not answered by our online Knowledgebase, you can always raise a support request via our support website at or by emailing . Your request will be answered as quickly as possible. We are passionate about providing rapid and useful answers to your requests and solving every query.

Trial Customers

SchemeServe trial users have access to exactly the same support services as paying customers.

Normally your first scheme will be added to SchemeServe during your trial in order that you can ‘go live’ with the absolute confidence in all of your rating, customer billing and documentation.

Telephone Support

SchemeServe Enterprise customers are also entitled to support by telephone. Call our UK service during UK working hours on. Click here to see our local time now. Enterprise customers are entitled to make 5 calls to our support desk per month (additional call credits can be purchased separately) and like all other SchemeServe customers have unlimited access to our support website for making support requests directly and to our online Help Guide and Knowledgebase.

Prices and Limits

Help Guide / Knowledgebase Usage: Unlimited and Free.
Requests made via User Community: Unlimited and Free.
Requests via Support Website: Unlimited and Free.
Requests via Telephone: 5 calls per month, for Enterprise customers only. Additional/unlimited call contract available on request.
Training: Hourly/Daily charges apply per person.