We’re honoured to receive such high praise

Our insurance software products are used by the biggest and smallest companies.

Easy and powerful.
“SchemeServe is something rare. You start using it because it’s so easy to use but stay because of how powerful it is. It really is an invaluable tool you won’t want to be without. A product truly built specifically for Scheme Brokers in collaboration with Scheme Brokers. It is so easy to use, within an hour you are confident and within a day you are an expert.”—Michael Bowler, MD


“SchemeServe is at the forefront of a revolution that is sweeping our industry”— Graham Berg, MD, EFM Insurance & Financial Group

The only product based on the way people interact with people.

“Instead of ‘webifying’ 30-year old insurance mainframes, ADM seem to have produced something that no one else has thought of, and the solution is so elegant and simple I keep asking myself why no one else thought of it. SchemeServe is the only insurance software product I’ve seen that’s based on the way people interact with people.”— Jon Collis, JustLiability Liability Insurance

An invaluable tool in maximizing profit.

“SchemeServe really does provide an excellent solution for automating quotes, policy issue and bordereaux management. It is an invaluable tool in maximizing profit and realizing Scheme potential, whilst carrying out laborious tasks in no time and freeing up staff to do what they do best.”— Gary Allen, Partner, County Schemes 2008

Highly impressive, slick and cost effective.

“SchemeServe is a highly impressive, slick and cost effective solution for any broker involved with insurance schemes. The system is designed with the end user in mind in a user friendly and highly flexible online solution.”—Mark Felman, Insurance Scheme Solutions

It is very rare to have this level of control.

“I have worked on a whole range of Insurance Broking systems in recent years. Schemeserve is the only one that I have used that allows the user to have full control of the system and to have the ability to create new products, rating tables and documents that are available on line without any intervention from ADM. It is very rare to have this level of control – we can literally have changes live and on line in minutes.”— Colin Kippin, COBRA County Schemes

Minimum hassle.

“If you’re looking to run complex schemes with minimum hassle and maximum throughput, look no further. You’ll be amazed by the rating matrices you can throw at this thing.”— Rob Symonds, AutoDebit